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The most interesting topic. Go to Google IO 2017 Highlights post if you have not already read about other highlights.

After launch of Android Wear 2.0 on android and iPhone last year, it’s gonna get 24 more world’s top most watch brands in manufacturing.

Android Auto has got 10x user growth since last year. Audi and Volvo are also going to include Android along with already supported 300 car models.

With more than 3000 TV apps in Play Store Android TV is going to get a brand-new launcher interface and Google Assistance this year.

The full launch of Android Things coming this year, which was previewed last year and has already got developers in 60 countries.

With the growth in sell worldwide, Chrombooks run Android apps as well.

Android O is going to get some exciting features which were divided among fluid experiences and vitals.

Fluid experiences

Picture-In-Picture is the thing that some of us were really in need of. So, with that you can be really multi tasking now.

Autofill from Google has decreased the work and thus helps in fetching credentials from Chrome. Developers are going to get APIs of Autofil for their apps customization.

Notification Dots on apps are introduced to show users that there is something in the app that you have not seen and thus to deal with user engagement. This feature has got long press on app to show notification in place. The color of the dot on app will be identified from app icon. And thus zero efforts from developers.

Smart Text Selection is going to reduce efforts while copy/paste. For example if you double tap on a word of address you want to select, with the help of machine learning you get the whole address selected and given the map suggestion exactly there. Same with phone numbers you will get dialer exactly there to go for it once you select. And for email, suggestion for email app. The important thing is that, it happens right in you phone without going information out.


These are related to the most important thing of any OS – Security, Power and performance.

Google Play Protect

Regarding Play Store it was heard that 82 billion apps and games were installed last year from it. Google Play Protect is going to be introduced as standalone app which used to come with Google Play and will help you protect from potentially harmful apps.

One of the most important change for user needed was reduction in boot time, which is going to be 2x faster in Android O. Another change that will drive performance and control battery usage by apps is wise limit on background location and background execution.

This one is helpful to developers – introduction of Developer tools – Play Console Dashboard and Android Studio Profiler.

Play Console Dashboards

Google IO 17 Play Console
Play Console Dashboard will highlight the six top influence that cause battery drain, crashes and slow UI after analyzing app. It will also give suggestions on how to fix them.

Android Studio Profilers

Google IO 17 Android Studio Profiler

Android Studio Profilers are tools to interpret network, memory and CPU visually. It can make you jump to the exact line of code to see where the operation is getting delayed or what and where is the weird situation being caused.

First beta release of O is available since the Google IO 17 keynote day at

Android Go

Sameer Samat (Vice President, Android and Play) shared that a new experience going on in Google – Android Go. That is focusing on entry level device with the configuration between 500 megabytes to 1 gigabytes. It focuses on optimizing OS for smooth experience, low data and memory consumption on entry-level devices of whose latest release of OS is going to be Android O. So, the plan seems like its going to hand over an android phone in each person’s hand by providing wide range unlike iPhones.

So Android O is going to be with three things – Optimized OS, Optimized Google Apps, and a Play Store addition that will highlight the apps optimized for your device.

Build for Billions

Google IO 2017 Play Store
To make you app appear in new Play Store section ‘Optimized for your device’, Building for Billions is a set of best practices including recommendations for your app. Build for Billion also includes recommendations for best user experience on web.

Well, there are lots more changes to see in Android O like Quick Settings, App badges, Change in Settings menu, Physical keyboard support, Adaptive icons etc. But to dig deeper go for Android O beta program, and while doing this if you want to roll back, you can instantly do that and you will get the stable latest firmware for your device back.

Image Credits: Google

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