Pokemon Go Review & Gameplay


For last few weeks you have often noticed people roaming around schools, libraries, work places, gardens having their phone in hand. The reason behind it is the game called Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go is released on July 6, 2016 in US market. Within few days of it’s launch, the game downloaded more than by a million users. Now It ranks on top of Google PlayStore and Apple AppStore.

Why so much hype for Pokemon Go? let’s dig deep into the answer.


Popularity :

Pokemon Go is an awesome challenge to touch the virtual world experience to real one expresses and proven by Niantic. It is not one of the but the one and only now after leaving behind candy crush, to grow rapidly in such a small duration to gain popularity with more than 21 million active users. It is a top fastest growing game in the US and top in android and IOS store.


Who is The Creator of Pokemon Go?

John Hanke (CEO Niantic) who created Google Earth and whose dream was to pull people outside and connect to the outer environment with different places has really done a well job after 20 years of hard and smart work. Dennis Hwang and Junichi Masuda are game artist and composer respectively (source wikipedia.org).


Gameplay of Pokemon Go :

Come out :

Here a whole new world is there waiting for you to give Pokemons available there. You can find here a whole lots of Pokemon surrounding you. You are just suppose to catch them. This is really a good idea to pull people to outside who were trapped in with their various social media accounts and sitting doing nothing other than pressing some keys barely to chat and boring scrolls.


Player – Pokemon Trainer :

Here an avatar is their who can be customised using hairstyle, bag, shoes, eye colour etc. Player is also called as Pokemon trainer. Player  trainer  has to move actually from his/her current location in the real world surroundings. And with it, can see your latest positions on the screen. Once player catch some Pokemons and reaches a particular level he is allowed to participate in the battle in the Gym. Here gym is the most attractive part. Pokemon trainer can train his Pokemon at friendly gyms.


Experience Point – XP :

We barely have heard that walking makes you earn. But yes in PokemonGo you can earn travel badges by walking to hit milestones. The unit to measure level is XP- Experience points. With the increase in the Pokemon you catch, XP increases based on criteria and thus level increases. In PokemonGo, you can find Pokedox where you can see track record of Pokemon.


Evolve Pokemon :

Everyone is excited to evolve their Pokemon like a parent to evolve his kid from child to adult. Here with the help of candy you can do that.


Pause – Play :

Well the game is working excellent but users have came with issues major of them are while purchasing premium items loss of internet, progress lost, location problem, heavy battery usage, items not available in their country etc. Major of them with their solutions are listed here on their official support page.


Pokemon Go Server Down :

While this climax, a hacking group – PoodleCorp claimed to be on the other side of the fans of this game and declared their upcoming moves through tweets periodically and (threaten) declared to lovers of bringing server down. Since two days users are facing some problem at some intervals of time with the message like ‘Our servers are experiencing issues. Please come back later’. Not sure whether this is the same thing which was on twitter.


Pokemon Go Reception :

In a very short time the game has received mix reviews by game critics. Some critics claimed the game experience more enjoyable and beneficial for people suffering from anxiety and depression.

On the other hand many critics have negative opinion because of frequent server crashes and lack of deep gameplay.


Final Verdict :

We might have seen a lots of lovers roaming around to catch Pokemon or for battle. And also heard of a lot of crowd collectively running for the Pokemon. One of the same scenarios was heard in the NewYork. You can see here in this video running for Vaporeon.


Ok.. this is good. But this is also causing people to bring bad of their luck to them. People seem to stuck and hit smashes here and there with trees and walls or with the same game freak like him. So game is no way a good time killing and entertaining thing but one should not forget his own real existence at the interface of augmented reality and real surrounding.

Wish you all the best with Happy journey..Take care and don’t forget to look at front! 🙂


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